We are proud to provide our customers with tailor-made management services for their investment properties. We can assist you to generate higher profitability, mitigate bad debt risks and keep full flexibility for the you to use the property when needed

Online promotion

Our team operates with the use of specialized on-line platforms and the latest e-marketing tools to ensure our apartments are booked all year round with the appropriate guests’ target

Interior design

We love to assist our customers preparing the property with the right decoration and equipment in order to create the perfect space for short-term rents.  


Wanderlust Services manages the rent of your property in a well-organized and transparent manner. We provide our customers with a monthly report that includes detailed information on bookings, revenue, costs incurred and any event relevant to the property. We can also assist you complying with the compliance of taxes, permits and other issues related to the property

Property maintenance

Wanderlust Services manages the general maintenance of your property. You can rest assure our team of technical professional will always keep your property in pristine conditions. 

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