london: inner-city living.


"The London-based practice emulsion was commissioned to update the residence while remaining sympathetic to the Grade II-listed complex – designed by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon in the 1950s.

The Barbican Estate is one of the largest examples of the brutalist style and represents a utopian ideal for inner-city living.

Alongside various original elements, Ben Johnson House features austere detailing such as unornamented furnishings and bold colour-blocked walls, which make reference to the returning popularity of minimalism and bauhaus. "

Homes in: it’s about emotion!

In these 2017 and ever transforming society homes trend goes for the intangible and sensuous luxury, as a response to our hectic way of living in demand, homes should be decorated with sense so that short time we spend at home feels like real relaxation and inner self connection. 

 The home ware market is evolving, showing boldness and blurring boundaries. A trend catalyst, it attracts new talents and spurs creativity in the luxury sector. 

Our home is precious; our emotions are precious: The Décor sector is tapping to transform our homes into experiential cocoons.

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Today December the first you might be stressed about gifts and all the happenings you need to attend this seasson. Some are just collapsed with events, venues, dinners and gatherings and a list of 1001 gifts to buy!

It's a good time to send a nice reminder “sofa weekend with a nice book and a blanket”, so these is our decoration and gift  suggestion the online revolutionary knit blanket,  trendy on all the digital platforms  around the globe.

If by coincidence you get to be a handy crafter you just need to buy the proper tools and have some skills on knitting and DIY with love and share some warmth giving!

Japan: repetition and illusion

The absolute manifesto on contemporary productions is nonetheless absolute we live in the illusion and disillusion era, the constant repetition by the use of technologies, illusion by something thats is on our imagination and might happen but will never do, we tend to enter in loops of existence based on habits routines and imaginary situations, breaking them is breaking establish systems and accepting smaller changes to materialize our dreams. 

Today wanderlust found NENDO a cutting edge Japanese designer, their conceptual works are based on repetition and illusion deriving  on a truly contemporary exercise, searching for little things that can change our daily existence.

Japan is a strongly rooted culture hence cutting edge when to contemporary productions we refer.

” Giving people a small ” ! ” moment.

There are so many small ” ! ” moments hidden in our everyday.

But we don’t recognize them.

and even when we do recognize them,we tend to unconsciously reset our

minds and forget what we’ve seen.

But we believe these small ” ! ” moments are what make our days so

interesting, so rich.

That’s why we want to reconstitute the everyday by collecting and

reshaping them into something that’s easy to understand.

We’d like the people who’ve encountered nendo’s designs to feel these

small ” ! ” moments intuitively.

That’s nendo’s job. ”

Ernesto Oroza: technological disobedience

Mientras mas severa la crisis mas poderosa es la cretividad de las personas #cuba #art #crisis #creation #popular

El viaje de ida y vuelta


Hace ya más de 65 años, para los década de los 50  Venezuela era un fascinante y próspero destino para los emigrantes de la Europa de postguerra. Sus cálidas tierras, bonanza económica y estructura institucional le abrían las puertas a centenares de emigrantes de distintos orígenes sin distinción de credo o nacionalidad.  Se dice que centenares de españoles emprendieron el viaje de ida a Venezuela.

En las Islas Canarias se llamaba a Venezuela la  Octava Isla, se dice que más de 12.000 Canarios emigraron a Venezuela en busca de la prosperidad y una mejor vida, así como lo hicieron otros españoles de origen vasco, gallego, catalán, entre otros.

La inmigración de aquella época forma parte del actual legado social de aquel frondoso y abundante paraíso tropical. En pocos meses los nuevos ganaban fortunas y se adaptaban con gran facilidad, los grupos que allí  se establecieron tenían oportunidad de generar riquezas, mejorar infinitamente su futuro, dar una buena educación y salud a sus hijos.

También se vio un auge en el desarrollo urbano sobretodo grandes construcciones, obras públicas, magnífica infraestructura  e inversión en arte de nivel internacional; un sistema generoso y operativo que se nutría de los ingresos petroleros y el apoyo del sector privado para construir nación.

Años más tarde nos encontramos con un país desangrado económico, social y moralmente… una fractura social irreversible gracias al sistema político allí instaurado, una nación que se tambalea como una frágil estructura colgada con hilos y flota en la incertidumbre.

Hoy día el viaje de vuelta  lo emprenden los nietos e hijos de aquellos inmigrantes de la década de los 50´s quienes son amenazados a diario por la precaria situación de aquella nación sostenida por hilos, los venezolanos son asediados a diario  por la violencia y la escasez de productos básicos, el viaje de retorno en el fondo es la misma búsqueda: la libertad y la prosperidad que perseguían sus antepasados.

Caracas: in art We trust

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New York: Conscious Hospitality


Tourism sets new trends by breaking with the massive and alienated ways of doing; in search of uniqueness many related to these industry are doing great efforts to afford different forms and services. 

In New York the 11 Howard opens its doors.  It is a showcase for experiencing urbanity within a socially conscious perspective throughout joining collaborative creations to disrupt with the traditional ways of doing.

People are introducing ideas of hubs with social and cultural content dedicated to hospitality rather than sleeping factories.

A whole revolution of the traditional ways of hospitality and the hotel industry slowed down by the uprising concepts like airbnb, that provides open access and infinite options for hyper local stays. A transformation in this industry today gives open access to local experiences for global consumers.

 The industry changed by the phenomena and is forcing the ones behind the business to shape new personalities.

Show IN Habana

A Controversial setting for the upcoming Chanel Cruise 2017 collection is announced: the capital of Cuba, Habana, the show will be holding on May 3, 2016. Creative director Karl Lagerfeld selected this colorful city, rich in culture and amazing landscapes, the last Spanish bastion in the Americas, with its spectacular Architecture Habana is the perfect setting for such a disruptive show. A city where soap and toilet paper is scarce Chanel as a paradox brings frivolous fashion into these social complexity, the tragedy of post-communism. Some might say is an easy landing of fast and furious luxury: From no toilet paper to a Chanel bag!... breaking those gaps in between and playing with edges. The end of disclosure and closed frontiers and the landing of a new declaration: commercial opening... after all! With the visit of Barack Obama and the historic Rolling Stones concert it started the beginning of a place to be: Habana.

madrid: Ornament and blend

Within the universe of interior and decoration few people know how to do it well, the world of interiors is infinite but really few have the understanding of valuable ornaments, therefore a well knowledge of the culture of objects, design and art is required.

Tiempos Modernos Madrid is a faithful showcase of a fine selection of furniture, deco pieces and Art; it is a place for collectors and connoisseur worth visiting.

Pieces are showcased between natural light, and the noise of the haze of Madrid street life, this is the place to go when it comes to do some shopping for interiors.

On my Saturdays findings, I was pleased to find the exhibition of Venezuelan artist Emilia Azcárate, and by coincidence meeting her while she was picking up some paints, pencils and materials left at the shop, between the Eero Saarinen marble table, Serge Mouille Three-Arm Ceiling Lamp, the Neva Chair a contemporary design by Serbians Mikulic and Marija Ruzic, her pieces and the geometric ceramics by Francisco Galvez She explained her project a beautiful representation of an anthropological phenomena, the blend  of races given in Mexico during colonialism. These movement was called Pintura de Castas, through paint color and abstraction she brings back to our time the social disparities of Latin American society finding roots on the radical differences between races founded more then 300 years ago: “Lo Contemporaneo nace de la historia”… Great Art works worth having at home.

Metropolitan lifestyle

  On our flat hunt for Wanderlust Portfolio we spotted this unique treasure at San Bartolome Street, this property showcases a statement on the art of living.

  Located in the hippest neighborhood Las Salesas at the core of Madrid, I definitely believe this is the place to be for urban lifestyle lovers. Las Salesas is a mix between Le Marais in Paris, Meatpacking in New York or Shoreditch in London. I assume these flat is the perfect station of a contemporary bohemian and a metropolitan lover.

  This small project is a modular design Taylor made by Architects, with boundless details, accentuated lighting and comfort: A true luxury within restraint.

Miami: Real Estate with Extravaganza

Latest Trend: Real Estate with Extravaganza

With more than 6700 Real Estate and related Services companies registered in Madrid, I foresee an avalanche of failure for those who stay on the safe ground and the ordinary methods, though a great future and chances of success for the visionary and creative.

 Creativity and business wisdom may go hand-to-hand for a successful Jake mate.  Madrid has becomes a chess checkerboard of the extravagant and the not so impressive players. I would like to allure the example of a daring example by Alan Faena the Jewish Sephardi with vision, who using business wisdom and creativity managed to produce one of the most exciting Real Estate complex given these days. In such a competitive market as it is in Miami, The Faena District Miami Beach complex shines by its own value, this project has a point of view and coherence that comes from thinking big.

 “Yo me la jugue en un mundo en el que todo esta visto”… @alan_faena

ARCO: 35 years immerse in a rich world of culture.

 Arco Madrid is one of the most reputable Art fairs around the globe. 

This Year ARCO celebrated its 35th Birthday; born after a close-minded dictatorship it was a first open up to the Contemporary Art scene in 1982. 

Today 35 years after we can ensure Madrid is a boosting city immerse in a rich world of culture, ARCO is a big scenario for these phenomena and a stage of luxury.

 Today Wanderlust team had the pleasure to share visions with few relevant people like Galeria Henrique Faria @hffanewyork, collector Ella Fontanals from CIFO and artist  Juan Garaizabal @galeriaalvaroalcazar, with an obvious conclusion:  ARCO is the MECA for LATAM,  local artists and LATAM collectors.

This year ARCO intended to boost the international scenario, still there’s need for an open wider perspective for more foreigners’ collectors and new frontiers. If I had to say something: there was very little of Asia in these fair and great content from Eastern Europe. A great Art fiesta.


calle Santa Engracia 46. Madrid, Spain